Our Beautiful English Country Garden


The story of Weber Garden begins in the late 1970's when Ted Weber decided to put his passion for gardening to the test by transforming the yard of his childhood home. It started small, but has since grown to cover over 2 acres—and is still growing.


The garden is an English country garden of the Arts & Crafts style. It is made up of 10 "rooms," each with it's own design, theme, and purpose. Rooms include the:

  • Dragon Garden
  • Fountain Garden
  • Four Seasons Garden
  • Lutyens's Garden
  • Yew Garden

Our garden is very much a living exhibit. Rooms blend a variety of plants, flowers and trees so the garden changes visually as the year goes on, with new splashes of color appearing as different plants come into season. Statues, fountains and other ornamental features have been added to give each room its own character.

Open 10am–5pm, 7 days a week, April–October

Contact us to make special arrangements for other times and dates outside our regular hours of operation.

Admission is $15.00 per adult. Cash payment is preferred, but we also accept checks.

Thank you for sharing your home and garden, we truly enjoyed it.
-University of Illinois Master Gardeners Club
Champaign, IL