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Local House, Garden offers glimpse into history

Pontiac Daily Leader


Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of one of the state's largest counties are some of the most historical properties in Illinois. One of these treasures, which is located on a side street near Route 23 in Streator, isn't as well known as places like the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum, but offers a unique look back into a simpler time.

The Weber House & Garden, owned and cared for by Ted Weber, Chicago television and radio personality... Read more...

You step back in time at Weber House

News Tribune


We all know how the economy is and how much it costs to do any traveling. What we often neglect to do is check out the places of interest in our own local communities. There are many sightseeing opportunities that we miss because we overlook them. Too often people will travel a long distance to visit the very places of interest that we haven't explored. And in return, we travel long distances to marvel at what their community has to offer.

Weber House & Garden is located in Streator, just 18 miles from our home in Lostant. Read more...

Hollywood And Vines

Chicago Tribune


Hidden behind a green wooden door and surrounded by a 10-foot-tall vine-covered fence sits Ted Weber's storybook home and garden in Streator.

Weber, who grew up in the house, has spent 20 years creating an ingenious 1 1/4-acre English-style garden filled with winding paths, foxglove, hollyhocks, morning glories, perennials, ornamental grasses, statuary, ponds and fountains. Read more...